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Fragrance Warmer

Fragrance Warmer

Don't wanna light up tonight?? You can still enjoy your fragranced wax purchase by using this Wax Tart Warmer. 

  • Place your warmer on a flat leveled surface 
  • Remove your coconut soy wax tarts from the package and break off 2- 3 pieces and place them in the warmer bowl.
  •  Plug in the warmer and flip the “on” switch.     

Now enjoy the lovely aroma coming from your new wax melts!

Added Bonus: This warmer also allows you to warm your candle! Remove the the wax bowl and place the candle (up to 11oz) on the warming plate and release the fragrance from your Bougie de Luxe.

    PriceFrom $12.00
    Excluding Sales Tax
    Wax Warmer

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