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Guillory Candle Co.
flique cette mèche

Where Sophistication meets Luxury!

Limited Edition Gold Vessel


Since opening our doors, GUILLORY CANDLE CO. has built a reputation for designing products of the finest quality. We pride ourselves on using natural and sustainable ingredients. We proudly ship to customers nationwide. Each item that we sell is handcrafted right here in Houston, TX. All our products that are purchased for your home is sourced, crafted, and packaged with dedication and care. We want you to be more than just a candle buyer-- be a luxury candle connoisseur. When you buy a candle with us, you can expect to receive an experience. After all, lighting your candle shouldn't be the first step when you receive the best luxury candles. In fact, it should be the last step. Don't just burn your candle, ignite an ambience with our luxury home fragrances. Allow us to guide you through the full candle experience so you can properly flique cette mèche (flick that wick)!

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Instagram: @GuilloryCandleCo

P: (504) 517-5267

F: (877) 800-7090

United States

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